About Us

Lekhana Technologies is a prominent integrator of voice, data, security, audio, communication and cabling services. Founded in 2011, LT specializes in managing facets of voice, data and security cabling infrastructures. Our experienced staff designs and manages the implementation of communications solutions for customers on both a local and national level.

LT partners with the industries best technology providers; therefore we can offer a competitive advantage in both the products and services we provide to our customers.

Whatever your needs – whether relocating, upgrading, implementing a new technology solution nationwide or simply needing routine local service – Lekhana Technologies has the right solution for you.

Our Technicians, Design Engineers & Project Management

Lekhana Technologies staff is created from a qualified team of professionals: Technicians, Design Engineers and Project Management.

   • Our Technicians

Lekhana Technologies employs a diverse team of experienced technicians Our installers and technicians participate in Technical training programs along with our Partners provide regular training to ensure our field labor force remains adept in the latest installation practices, tools and products.

   • Design Engineer

Our Design Engineer specialize in both voice and data networking systems. They are are certified from TE Connectivity.

   • Project Managers

Lekhana Technologies Project Managers excel at maintaining communication with both our clients and technicians to minimize risk, alleviate unnecessary expenses and avoid potential delays throughout all phases of development and installation.

Industries Served by Our Technicians, Design Engineer & Project Management team.

Government Real Estate Industrial
Health Care Educational Retail
Financial Legal Technology